Summer Soundtrack: What I’m Listening To


“We are lying in the sun, when we’re done find a towel
Now we’re thinking of where we’re gonna eat.
Back corner table, order lobsters and Black Label
Raise your glasses, here’s to living out our dreams.”

Now that summer is quickly approaching, I can’t stop listening to Naked Kids by Grouplove.  Truth is, I’ve been on a Grouplove kick lately.  Their upbeat, carefree, rock-out-top-down music seems like it’s begging to be played at every summer festival where music lovers are sweating in 95 degree heat.  I have Grouplove’s “Spreading Rumors” on vinyl which I have been frequently listening to, but I keep going back to Naked Kids from their first full length, “Never Trust a Happy Song.” 

The song isn’t overly complicated, it doesn’t make references to deep and stirring things.  But it evokes feelings that few other songs do.  The song starts with talking about a group of friends driving in a convertible to the beach smoking weed.  It goes on to describe playing on the beach and enjoying the day.  It ends with the feeling of a day well spent, sunburned faces and exhausted bodies, heading to the restaurant and celebrating being young.  The memories, emotions, and feelings that this song evokes can best be summarized in one word: SUMMER.

Everyone has a favorite summer memory blurred by sunspots and dazed by a few extra beers.  And this song evokes all of my favorite summer memories and blends them into one beautiful montage.  While gearing up for warm weather, driving with the windows down, this is the perfect song to blast.