New Reader?


Hello there! My name is Caitlin, I’m a 20-something in the post-grad era of my life.  I’m currently teaching English at a university in Minnesota as well as attending graduate school to get my masters in teaching English as a second language. 

This lifestyle blog details all of the little things that make me me and I hope readers can enjoy some or all of what I consider to be a well-rounded lifestyle!


3 thoughts on “New Reader?

  1. Hi Caitlin–I am a friend of your mother’s, and she shared the link to your blog with me–we were roommates in college and have been friends ever since. What a great job you have done telling about your experiences. I look forward to reading and seeing more. The pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing your story!

    Lynn VanDerBeck

  2. Hi Caitlin, remember me? I taught you and Jordan some Czech before you took off. I looked at your blog again after a while – I guess you are long back in the States. You and Jordan had some great adventures in Europe. Anyway, would you mind if I used some of your pictures in my online class for Czech that I will be teaching this year? I would use only pics of towns, food, etc., no people. I would understand if you don’t like that idea, just let me know. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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