Day 19; Paris 

We did another bunch of sightseeing today on our second and last day in Paris. We started with going up the Eiffel Tower. We walked up to the second floor and then took an elevator to the top.  

After that, we went to the Louvre and saw some of the interesting artwork. It is so big, I wish we could have seen it all. 

The outside of the Louvre. We went around 6 and there wasn’t much of a line. 

The Mona Lisa. You wouldn’t believe how pushy people were in front of her. She must see some interesting things all day. 

Sitting scribe. A classic example of Egyptian art because of the proportions, colors, and being cut out of one block. 

We saw lots of different kinds of mummys and tombs. 

  Winged bull. 
Venus de Milo. People think it is Aphrodite but it’s impossible to know because the arms and other distinguishing features are broken off. 

There was a whole room dedicated to michaelangelos sculptures. This is the dying slave. 

The winged victory of samothrace. 

Once we had all of the ancient beauty we could take, we left to go to sacre coeur. The sun was going down and the place was packed with people watching the city turn its lights on.  

I love the cathedral from the outside and we also got a chance to see its beauty inside too. 

After that I was pretty exhausted so we grabbed a quick bite near the air BnB and headed back!


One thought on “Day 19; Paris 

  1. I am vicariously enjoying your vacation through Europe. I absolutely loved Paris and all the art. Tears were in my eyes when I saw L’arc de Triomphe for the first time (former French major, for a brief time). Wonderful photos of so many places and of your food too! ENJOY!

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