Day 18; Paris

Today was our first real day in Paris and although I have heard pretty terrible things about the city, and especially its people, today was an amazing day. 

We started out at notre dame. The outside of the church was quite amazing and we waited in a short line to see the inside too. 


Next we went to the catacombs. We got there a bit early and had crepes! Mine was chocolate and banana.  

 Next we toured the catacombs. In Paris’s history, at one point someone said all the bones from burial sights need to be moved, so the result was the catacombs. It seemed to go on forever. I couldn’t believe how many bones there were. 



 Back above ground, we wandered around a bit searching out a place for dinner. 

  We walked through this park.

We found a nice place for dinner where we had fondue and some meat that you cook on a hot plate in front of you. 


 After dinner we caught a subway ride up to a different area and went to a Tanlines concert. It was so much fun, and also at a very cool venue.   

 After the show we saw the Eiffel Tower at night. It was breath taking. I can’t believe I got to see the Eiffel Tower!

It also sparkled for five minutes at 11pm. 

We bought some beers from the vendors at the tower and enjoyed the view!

That’s all for today. I hope tomorrow is just as nice in Paris!


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