Euro trip: days 9-17

Day 9:

All day was spent in transit. We started in the morning with a train from Certaldo to Siena. When we got to Siena we had some time to walk around the city which was nice. Then we grabbed some yummy pizza with surprisingly thick crust for lunch and caught a bus from Siena to the Rome airport. We hung in the airport for a few hours before getting on our flight to Nice. We were flying right as the sun was setting and it was a truly awe inspiring sight.  
   In Nice we took some extra crowded public transport and met our air BnB hosts and then relaxed for what was left of the night. 

Day 10: 

We slept in a bit and then woke up, got ready and went to the laundry mat that is across the street from our air BnB in Nice. We did our laundry with the help of a friendly French woman who kept saying voilà. While we were waiting for that, we went to the grocery store Carrefour and picked up some food for breakfast lunch and dinner. We both agreed we were getting a bit tired of eating out so we decided to take advantage of the nice kitchen in our air BnB. 

After all the laundry and shopping was done we went out to check out the city of nice. We walked down to the water which was about at 25 minute walk from our air BnB. The city is probably the nicest I’ve ever seen.   

 It is so clean with very nice architecture in the French style. Right in the city center there is a fountain water park for kids to cool down in. The street leading up to the beach has lots of shops.   


 We walked along the beach for a bit and put our feet in the water, finished exploring the area and then went back to our air BnB and had some lunch. After a quick siesta, we caught a train to Monaco another country that only took 20 minutes to get to!   

   It is a very wealthy place and I was surprised and how entertaining it was to gawk at all of the yachts and cars and dream about the type of people that were inside. We walked around the harbor and then went to the casino- the same one from James Bond!  

  We went into the slot casino and Jordan played 5 euros on some roulette. He almost doubled his money at one point, but then lost it all in the end 😉 

We headed back to Nice and made some dinner. 

Day 11:

Today we took a day trip to Antibes. It was very similar to Nice except for the fact that we took at walk on the le sentier du littorale which is a 2 hour hike along the coast.   



  It has beautiful scenery the whole time and we stopped to go swimming in one of the alcoves. Then we took a bus back to Antibes city center and walked around for a bit before heading back to Nice. 

We got back to nice and headed straight to the beach again to go swimming since we hadn’t had a chance to swim here yet. The beaches are pebbled which makes it very different to walk in than sand! But the water was so clear and clean it seemed like swimming in glass. I could have swam in there forever. 

Next we headed to Fenocchio, an ice cream parlor that caught our attention because of their crazy flavors like cactus and beer. I tried ginger bread, black licorice, and m&m. It was so hard to decide on a flavor! They had about 90! 

Afterwards, we walked along the bumpin Boardwalk for a bit and then decided to go into one of the casinos. I played roulette and lost 1€. I was really unlucky at first, but then I made all my money back except for that 1€. Then we headed back to our air BnB for the night!!

Day 12:

We were both pretty tired after all of our adventures so far so we started the day off kind of slow and lazily. We took another trip to the grocery store to buy some dinner food and then we relaxed in the apartment for the morning. When we finally got ready, we walked down to the water and rented some bikes. There is a great bike lane along the beach so we road until the beach ended, stopped and took a nice swim, and then road back. The beach that far down was much less crowded; it was very relaxing. We brought some wine with us so we had a bit of wine before riding back. We returned the bikes and then sat on the beach and finished drying off while the sun went down. We headed back to the apartment and made some dinner. 

Day 13:

Today we woke up and packed up everything that we had strewn around our air BnB and got ready to leave. We had to leave the apartment by noon so we had a leisurely morning and left. We found out about a service called left luggage where you can leave your bags so we did that, happy to be rid of our heavy backpacks. Next we did a little shopping along the main boulevard in Nice and then ended up at the beach. We had a really relaxing day just laying on the beach, tanning, and a bit of swimming. We also had some lunch on the beach and more wine 🙂 We had to pick up our luggage at 6, so when we did we started making our journey towards the airport. We started at a mall where Jordan could change out of his bathing suit in the bathroom. After that was sorted, we started walking in the direction of the airport. We decided to walk all the way from the city center to the airport because it was only 5 miles and the bus was quite a rip off. It wasn’t a bad walk, but with our packs it got a bit tiring. We took a couple of stops one was for Jordan to get a huge hamburger called a “Mexican” that had two beef patties, French fries, and sautéed onions wrapped inside a pita. It was good! Then we carried on and finally ended up in the airport. Next stop: Barcelona!

Day 14:

Today was our first day in Barcelona. We started off with a tour of la guardia familiaia and went up in the tower.  Gaudí’s masterpiece was really impressive. It seemed like everywhere you looked there was more to see in the architectural design. The tower have is a good view of the city and we got to walk down a really windy staircase.  


 Then I had a coffee cream. We stopped at a restaurant. Jordan had a sandwich and I had sangria. We walked down to the beach area and hung around there for most of the rest of the day.  


 There was a fun Spanish band playing on the beach. 

For dinner we had tapas at a restaurant near the boardwalk we tried gazpacho, chicken croquettes, patatas tortillas, nachos with guacamole and got a big pitcher of sangria.   

 Day 15: 

We took the walking tour in Barcelona today and learned a lot about the country’s history and some other interesting facts. 

   Catalian style architecture with a flat roof. 

 This is a tower to represent the world record for Catalian human towers, a popular activity that is held at a festival every year. 

When that was over we walked around a bit and checked out the barcoletta area.  

 We had a huge dinner which was a paella meal. It started with tapas, then Paella then dessert.

   Patatas(soo good), croquette, squid, garlic peppers, fried anchovies

  Chicken paella


  After dinner we got some drinks and had them on the beach. We had a free drink in the casino and won some money. We watched the Barcelona soccer game on tv while we had our drinks and it was very enjoyable. Then we cashed out and headed home. 

Day 16:

It was our last day in Barcelona and although we started out wanting to have a day at the beach, the day broke a bit too cold and rainy for that, so instead we started off at la rambla, a street with lots of different vendor stalls. As we wandered around, we found the at Josep mercat.  




  It was a huge market with every type of imaginable fresh food. We really enjoyed walking down the super crowded alleyways and trying a few of the delicacies they had to offer. We both tried fresh juice and some Mexican inspired food from one stand. 


I got fresh kiwi juice. 

After the market, we wandered by the sea before hiring some bikes and riding the entire length of the beach.  

 It turned into a beautiful day and it was fun to explore. We finished with the bikes, headed back to our hostel, and then went to find some dinner. We ended up at an interesting place outside of the tourist sections and got one last Spanish meal. One of the best foods we tried was patatas bravas.  

  Sangria is of course another Spanish favorite. 

Cheese plate and patatas bravas.

After dinner, we walked to the placa de espania and got a nice view of the city at night.  


Day 17:

Today we woke up at 5am, checked out of our hostel and caught a bus from Barcelona to Paris. It was a 14 hour ride so we didn’t get to do much else today except for nap, listen to music, and read. We finally made it to our air BnB in Paris around 11pm. Time to get some sleep!


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