Day 8: Pisa and Lucca

Today we took another day trip to Pisa and Lucca. Before catching our train, we went to the supermarket Coop again and I got some amazing food. A nectarine, waffles, and focaccia for lunch. It was all so perfect, I literally can’t say a bad word about any of it. We caught the train and got started in Pisa which was about 45 minutes away. It was a bit rainy when we first got there but after lunch it cleared up and we got to do some sight seeing. 

The city itself was very cool, too. There were lots of small windy streets, but all of the buildings showed a bit more wear than in Florence and gave it a pretty rustic feel. 

Next we headed to Lucca, a walled city about 20 minutes from Pisa. It was featured on an episode of top gear because it was impossible to get out of there in a car! And we found that to be true. The street plan is so convoluted, it took us almost 2 hours just to find the center of the city. But it was so beautiful.

After some exploring, we got a pasta dinner. I had lasagne! So good!

After dinner we stopped for dessert and I had a one of a kind experience. It was an ice cream sandwich made with gelato and topped with any kind of syrups or fruit toppings you wanted, and it’s made right in front of you! 

I’m pretty exhausted after all of our Tuscan adventures. Tomorrow will basically be a travel day as we head to the south of France!


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