Day 7: Florence

Wow, it’s been a whole week of eurotrip so far, and I can’t believe how much fun I’m having and how amazing each of our stops has been. I feel like I hope this trip never ends!! 

We woke up today and took a train into Florence from Certaldo. It took about an hour to get there. Before we left, we went to the grocery store in town and got some amazing food. I got some of the best grapes I’ve had in my life and Jordan got some focaccia which was to die for. I couldn’t believe how amazing the food was. Then we headed to Florence. 

The big thing to see in Florence is the Doma, which we were surprised isn’t more famous. The amount of detail is incredible! The pictures don’t do it justice but each time we walked by it we were equally amazed. 

Next we just enjoyed wandering around the streets. They seemed so ‘classic italy’ to us that we wanted to snap a photo at every corner. They were small and windy with colorful shutters, with lots of Vespas and bikes everywhere. 

We saw the David statue and some of the other famous landmarks. 

The David.  

 Ponte Vecchio was a beautiful bridge with some vendors. A great place to take photos.  

 Palazzo Piti. 

The great view across from Piti. 

After wandering around and enjoying ourselves for most of the day, we decided to get a Classic Italian meal before heading home.

Red house wine and water to drink.  

 Tuscan ham and cheese for an appetizer. The ham was shaved so thin and the hard cheese was really delicious. 

For the first course I got pici pasta with cheese and pepper. The pasta was so fresh. 

For my second course I got salmon grilled with citrus and mixed green salad. It was a ton of food but we left feeling great because of the high quality and deliciousness of all of the food. 

We love Italy!! It’s so interesting here. I still can’t get over the popularity of the siesta. Everything definitely moves slower here, but for the most part, it’s not frustrating. The scenery has been so beautiful. The bit we have seen of a Tuscan sunset was amazing. The whole sky was lit up. We have even seen some sunflower fields. 🙂 


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