Day 6: lots of travel and Certaldo 

We traveled for 12 hours to get to this crazy town in Tuscany. Including sleeping in the airport. We went from Santorini to Athens by plane, slept for a few hours in the airport, and then went from Athens to Rome by plane. Next Rome to Florence by train. Then Florence to Certaldo by train. We left Santorini around 10.  We finally made it around 4 the next day. Our hostel is in the small, quiet town of Certaldo, out in the boonies. It is a guest house with a pool and a communal food supply in the kitchen. There is an herb garden by the house. It’s really a different experience than anything we’ve had so far. I met some really interesting people in the pool earlier!

So after a quick swim we decided to go into town to get some pizza and see the castle. I got prosciutto pizza and Jordan got a calzone and it was great! We were so happy to be eating Italian food in Italy again!!

Next we headed into town and to the castle. Most of the things in town were pretty quiet or closed, but they have a funicular rail car that takes you up to the castle and once you get up there the city comes alive. The castle used to be the entire city of Certaldo. Now it’s just a small part with restaurants, gelato stops, and good views of the city. We had some gelato and I thought I was in an Italian movie. It was really magical. I got green apple and Italian cookie gelato and it was by far the best that either Jordan or I had ever had before. As we are, elderly Italians were sitting out on patios drinking wine with some light trumpet music playing in the background as the sun was setting and the lights in the town were just coming on.  

Then we headed back to the hostel and we’re going to get some sleep. Tomorrow we will be visiting Florence for a day trip!


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