Day 5: Santorini part 2

I did so much today! Never did I think that in one day I would ride an ATV and a donkey and a boat, swim in a hot spring, take a mud bath, climb an active volcano, and climb 101 flights of stairs. 

We started the day by taking the ATV to Fira which was about an hour drive on our 50cc powered whip. We arrived and then booked a tour to the volcano and hot springs. 

We found donkey central station and I just HAD to ride one down to the port, which is about a 20 minute walk. It cost 5 euros to do this amazing activity with the greekest of men shouting at the donkeys if they misbehaved. We were tied in a line so the donkeys didn’t stray. 

We made it to the port and waited for our ship to arrive. 

Our first stop was the hot springs. The boat pulled up to a section where the water turned from bright blue to brown which signifies the hot springs. It wasn’t overly hot, but you could definitely feel the difference. I jumped off the side of she ship which is something I never thought I would do!  

We hopped back on the boat and headed for the volcano- still active and quite an interesting sight! We hiked up to the top, seeing the craters and great views of the island. 

Now we headed back to port. We were going to take the cable car back up to Fira, but it was out of order, so we decided to walk up. The heat and hundreds of stairs weren’t easy, but we got our workout in. 

Afterwards we got a couple gyros and headed back on the for by for  after hanging out in the beach for a while, we checked out of our horrl and headed to the airport. Next stop : Certaldo, Italy 


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