Day 3: Athens, Greece

In our second day in Athens, we decided to finish up all the things we didn’t get to do yesterday. Today was even hotter- around 95! 

We started out at the Ancient Agora which was the cultural and social hub of ancient Athens. It was so interesting to walk through the ruins and picture everyone who was anyone hanging around the local lecture hall, concert hall, and shopping mall. Aristotle and the disciple Paul are known to have been here. 

Stoa of Attalos – ancient shopping mall

Probably used as a fence post

Temple of Hephaistos- one of the best preserved examples of the architecture of the time


Church of the Holy Apostles

Next, we went to see the original Olympic stadium which is still used today. We didn’t go inside but it was really splendid to see the scale of it all. 

Time for lunch! We stopped at one of the street stands to try the sesame bread rings that had caught out eye yesterday. They were so yummy. 

Next we wandered up to the funicular that goes to the top of lykavittos hill- the highest point in Athens. The funicular was a bit too expensive, but we walked up about half way and saw a pretty good view. 

Some turtles in a pond on the way up 

Guard was changing and they walked right by us!

There are some huge plants on the mountain. It looks like they could come alive and eat you!

The view from half way up. It was just too hot to keep walking!!

Next we are going to get some cheep gyros from a restaurant near our Air BnB and head to the airport for our flight to Santorini. 


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