Eurotrip Days 1 & 2: Athens, Greece

Yesterday was the official start of Jordan and my Eurotrip! For the next 25 days we will be traveling to 5 different countries, living the backpacker life. It is a dream come true for both of us and we are really hoping to make the most of our time in each spot. This is why, although I’m typing on my iPhone, I would love to share our adventures, as long as wifi and my sleep needs allow. 

All of our planning and paperwork in order, we left Prague in the late afternoon yesterday. We flew Ageian airways and finally enjoyed the comfort of a non-budget airline. They gave us candy, a drink, a whole meal, and tea or coffee only in a 2 and a half hour flight. We landed in Athens and figured out the subway to get into the city center and to our Air BnB stay. Our host met us at the subway stop nearby the house around 10:30. He and his mother showed us the cute flat complete with extremely helpful Greece guide books and catholic paintings by our hosts mom herself. The place is cute and very homey. There is everything you might need here. We settled in and planned our adventures for the next day, then got some rest. 

Today was the first official day of our trip and we have done so much already! We found one of the guidebooks quite interesting and decided to start our day with the self-guided walking tour from that book.  We saw many interesting sights in the city, all before lunch!

The Parlement Building at the top of Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square – center of Athens

The guard in front of the Parlement Building

A book cart shortly off of Syntagma Square

Church of Kapnikarea

Pandrossou shopping street

Time for a refeshment break with a Freddo Greek iced coffee. Mine had fresh whipped cream that she made right in front of me. Yum!!!

Touristy shopping street ‘Flea Market’

Pretty Greek clothing hanging in a shop. 

The Arch of Hadrian divided two sides of the city in ancient times 

Anafiotika one of my favorite spots of the day. An amazing white washed city carved out of stone with tiny streets

Anafiotika again!

And then it was time for lunch. We had souvlaki (grilled meat, veggies, on a pita) 

After lunch we went to the Acropolis, something we were both really looking forward to, and it did not disappoint!

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

The grand enterance – the Propylaea

Parthenon from the East end ( the most famous west end had scaffolding)

Erchtheion porch. Columns are practical and pretty. 

Mars hill right below the Acropolis 

After hanging out at the top of the Acropolis for a while, we went to the National Gardens to relax as the mid day heat began to subside. 

Finally, we went to dinner and got the Greek sampler plate. We were so lucky to try Greek salad, spanakopita, stuffed olive leaves, tzatziki, bread with olive oil, meatballs, and moussaka. I didn’t want the amazing meal to ever end. Oh, Greek food is the best. 


That’s the end of our adventures for today. I can’t wait for tomorrow for day two of ATHENS! 


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