To celebrate easter and our extra day off this weekend, Jordan and I went to Rome, Italy.  It being both of our first times in Italy, we were excited to try some pizza and have nice weather.  We soon found that Rome had much more to offer us than we might have thought.

We arrived on Friday and checked into our Air B&B flat.  We met the loving Italian woman who owned the flat as she welcomed us with an Italian Easter cake made of fluffy, flakey cake, lemon cream, and thick vanilla glaze.  She took about a half hour out of her day to get us acclimated with the flat as well as the city, showing us different spots on the map, outlining a walking tour we could take that day while the sun was shining.  Once we had our bearings, we jumped out the door into the daylight to explore.  We walked around and saw many of the major sights around the colosseum and the city center.  That night, we had some delicious pasta and pizza with red wine.  We were just starting to realize what a delight we were really in for.

On Saturday, we woke up and went to the Vatican which required an excrutiating 3 and a half hour wait, but in the end, we saw some amazing things.  The best including inscribed tablets, the Sistine Chapel, and a zoo filled with marble animals.  Jordan commented on how it seemed almost evil how many riches and art the Catholic church owned in the massive palace of the Vatican.IMG_3596IMG_3616IMG_3611

We left the Vatican to go to a 4pm walking tour.  The spitting rain was no deterrent to the hardcore tourists of Rome; our tour group started with 35 people.  We learned some interesting facts about the history of different buildings and statues that we saw throughout the city.  Starving after the tour, we headed to a less touristy part of town and stumbled upon a restaurant that served a buffet free with the purchase of one drink.  The mixed drinks we got were the best I’ve ever tasted, and the buffet was most enjoyable trying different bites of Italian food we never would have gotten to try from an ordinary restaurant.  After dinner, we stopped by a bakery on the same street and chose some random Italian cookies to take home and sample.


On a rainy and dark Sunday we woke up to a blacked out room, surprised that a morning could be so lightless.  We needed to pursue an indoor endeavor due to the cold, pelting rain so we headed to the Maxxi Contemporary Art Museum.  The gallery had a main exhibit on art in wartime focusing on architecture.  The other areas had many large sculpture pieces.  The rain was dying down slightly as we left, heading for the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.  Regardless of the rain, we had a lot of fun wandering through the ancient ruins in what we decided was the most scenic city park in the world.  We ended the day with homemade gelato.IMG_3643IMG_3657



Monday we woke up early and went to the Colosseum right when it opened.  We learned a lot about how people enjoyed the Colosseum and the habits of people of the time.  The sun was peaking in through the rugged brick windows and the blue sky shown with fluffy white clouds.  We left the Colosseum and headed for the sea.  I wanted to see the Mediterranean while we were close, and the beach was right near the airport.  We had time to walk around and enjoy the sand between our toes.  The beach was a popular pass time for Italians on Monday due to the holiday, so we felt like locals.  It was beautiful.IMG_3766


After experiencing Rome, we can’t wait to see more of Italy some day.  We both agreed Italy should be the food capital of the world, as we couldn’t get enough of the amazing foods, desserts, and beverages.  Now that our legs are sore and tired, we are left with some great memories and happy hearts thanks to the Eternal City.            IMG_3778


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