A Day in Kutná Hora


After my first full week of teaching, Jordan and I decided a nice day trip from Prague was definitely needed.  We researched some different options, but decided to take the trip to Kutná Hora and the Bone Chapel this weekend.

While on the 45 minute train ride, we met an Australian girl who was also going to the Bone Chapel so we decided to go together.  Our first stop once we got to Kutná Hora was the Bone Chapel.


It is a “burial” sight with 40,000 people’s bones in it.  We were significantly freaked out, but also intrigued.  Outside of the chapel are tombs of various people.  We knew inside would only get creepier.  As we stepped inside, structures and designs made out of bones greeted us.  The chapel is supposed to honor the dead.  There is a crucifix at the head of the chapel, a bone pyramid with a wooden crown on top, and the family who paid to preserve the chapel has their coat of arms made out of bones on the left side of the chapel.  We wandered around staring at the bone formations – bone chandelier, pyramids, pillars.  But it wasn’t the type of thing you could stare at for very long without feeling morbid.  After a while, we left and grabbed lunch at a nearby cafe with our Aussie friend.

She had to head back to Prague to catch a flight, so Jordan and I walked the 4Km into the city of Kutná Hora.  Most things were shut down since it was a Sunday afternoon, but we really enjoyed walking through the town and feeling that “outside of Prague” feeling.  We saw some beautiful, unforgettable sights.


This place gave a whole new meaning to “windy, cobblestone streets.”


We were astonished when, walking through the small streets we looked up and saw the Church of St Barbara towering over us.

IMG_2778This is known as an imitation of the famous Charles Bridge in Prague.


This was one path we explored down, running right next to the river.

IMG_2759It was a beautiful day in this beautiful town.  We enjoyed pondering the daily lives of the people who live in such an old eastern area.  It was lovely and old.  We both mused that it seemed like something out of a fairy tale.


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