A Weekend as a TEFL Student

This weekend started with a sausage and a fruit and chocolate cup in old town square.  The sausage was amazing, but the fruit cup… I am already dreaming about my next one of those.  The Christmas market has many food booths and one that particularly caught my attention was a chocolate fountain booth.  They have some fruit skewers covered in chocolate you can buy, but the real deliciousness lies in the “mixed cup.”  They pile the cup high with raspberries, strawberries, pineapple, banana, and cookies and then drizzle a ton of chocolate in it.  The first bites soaked in warm chocolate are the best.  Then the chocolate begins to cool and you are left with nice crunchy bites of chocolate covered goodies.


Later on Friday, after we had a chance to digest and detox from the week, our roommate, Bijoya, made us dinner.  Some girls surrounded her in the kitchen as she gave us little tips on making her version of authentic Indian food.  We all ate together at our giant TEFL house dining room table feeling like the luckiest TEFL trainees ever to be enjoying authentic chicken curry, and dal (lental soup).


We spent the rest of the night relaxing and playing card games.  We have been enjoying casino, Egyptian rat screw, and hearts lately.  The table is our communal spot and when we’ve had all we can take of homework, we often turn to cards for a fun and relaxing alternative.

The street our TEFL house is on.

Saturday, I woke up and went for my first run in Prague.  I decided just to start from our house and run up to the Stadium which is in the other direction from the city center.  I found a strange paved walking path and followed it for a while until I decided to keep making my way to the stadium.  It was misting outside and feeling the gentle droplets hit my face felt great.  I was so happy to get out and do something active!

Then Jordan and I went to get pictures taken that we will need to get our visa.  We are going to Berlin on Tuesday to apply for our visas, so we needed to prepare for that.  We got our pictures taken at photoskoda where we only had to pay 140 crowns for 4 pictures.  We had time to explore a strange mall while we were waiting for our pictures to be taken.  It was kind of like a street between two streets filled with a music venue, theater, movie theater, and many many shops.  We saw a tiny record store and a photography store with lots of old projectors and cameras.



I went shopping at a different grocery store afterwards that our housemates said was a bit cheeper.  Back at the house, we enjoyed more card games with our flatmates while trying to get some of our many assignments done.

Today is a day of studying and homework.  This morning we had a huge homework session with everyone in the house at the table working.  I’m sure this will happen again later tonight.



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