First Impressions of the TEFL Course

Our first week in the TEFL class was eye opening, exciting, and challenging. We have both taught our first lesson, taken many pages of notes, and spent late nights studying. We were shocked at how much they expect of us in the course, but luckily we find everything that we are learning interesting and have enjoyed our time in the course thus far.

The lessons are held at the Caledonia School in Prague 1, which is a school that teaches many different languages. There are always many people crowding the small hallways waiting for their language classes to start. If we get a pass 1, this is the same school at which we will be guaranteed employment.

Thursday night we had a welcome party organized by the school for our students and us. The party was at a restaurant right near the school. Some past graduates of the course were also there. It was fun to talk to our students, who are real Czech English learners, in a more casual setting. We also got a lot of inside information from past graduates who are working as teachers now.

Friday night, a group of us went to the Meet Factory to see the American band, Tune Yards, that was playing there. The venue doubles as famous Czech artist, David Cerny’s gallery space. There was a life-sized car hanging from a hook on the outside of the building and auditorium seats hanging from the ceiling on the inside of the venue. The concert was great, and the audience asked for a double encore.

meet factoryIMG_2152

Afterwards we went to Old Town for a few drinks (there aren’t any bars near Meet Factory). The first bar we went to was a music club with a packed dance floor. The second bar was a coffee and beer bar where we got some hard cider on tap and had a chance to talk to our housemates a little better.


Random Prague things we have noticed:

People don’t leash their dogs.
Smoking is allowed inside.
You have to pay to use the bathroom in public places.
Instant coffee is super popular.
There aren’t mailboxes. If you want to mail a letter, you have to go to the post office, press a button for the type of service you want, and then wait to be called up to the counter.
A lot of the packaged food we get has Czech, Slovakian, and Russian writing on it.
Some things are really cheap, for example, I bought a bag of apples for the equivalent of 1 USD, but you have to be pretty careful in order to get a good deal like that.
It gets dark at 3:30pm.
The city shuts down on Sundays.
I have only seen two people running since I got here a week and a half ago.
There is graffiti everywhere.

I don’t have much to share this week since we have been super busy with the course!! Check back next week for more updates.


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