Early June Weekend Adventures

This weekend was filled with good food, good friends, and good adventures.  Let me explain.

Friday night, Jordan and I went out to dinner at Pane Vino, which is located on Water Street in Downtown Rochester.  We both loved the location and outdoor seating overlooking the Genesee river.


The food was Classic Italian with an extensive menu.  Their special appetizer of the night was alligator fritters, so naturally we had to try those.


The came out with some delicious chipotle mayo which was very creamy with a little kick.  The fritters were slightly sweet and kind of similar in texture to crab cakes.  The bits of alligator were tough but didn’t have a very distinct taste.

For our mains we both got pasta dishes.  I had the Tortellini Boscaiola which was cheese filled tortellini with bacon, peas, mushrooms and a light garlic cream sauce.


All of the flavors blended together nicely.  The bacon bits were definitely the highlight and the portions were huge.

Jordan got the Chicken French which was delicious and flavorful.


After dinner, we went to the movies to see Edge of Tomorrow.  Although I wasn’t sure if I would like it, it ended up being a pretty good movie.  I am not usually into action movies, but this one had elements of humor, drama, and action.  It was overall an enjoyable film.  It was not too gruesome and actually had an interesting plot.  (World is at war with aliens, Tom Cruise’s character must live the same day he dies in battle over and over again.)

Saturday morning we woke up early to go to Cummings Nature Center in Naples.  We stopped for an early lunch at Cafe Sol in Bristol.  We got to meet a cute little dog named Tim who seemed to belong to the restaurant owner.  We sat on the front deck to eat and enjoyed seating in comfortable outdoor furniture.  After full deliberation on the menu — almost EVERYTHING looked good — we all decided.  I got the House Salad which was recommended to us by our waitress due to the “Green Goddess” dressing which ended up being a slightly creamy herb dressing.


It had mixed greens with chopped avocado, blanched asparagus, pistachios, and blue cheese.

Jordan got the Cesar salad which came with a circle of grilled cheese – what he said was definitely the highlight.


My mom got the turkey salad sandwich which came on a whole grain croissant and had wonderful undertones of pear – unusual and delightful.


We arrived at Cumming Nature Center with the intent of hiking some of their trails.  When we arrived and paid our donation ($3 per person) we were informed that they were having a porcupine demonstration.  We wandered out to the pavilion where two porcupines were dwelling.  One was able to be picked up by his carrier.


She was the only one able to touch him due to laws regarding dealing with the animals.  We learned they are a part of the rodent family and that they were bread as animal ambassadors who are kept in the woman’s home.

The other was a breed of African Porcupine who’s quills were hard and wood-like.  The two porcupines did not get along due to their territorial nature.


We ventured out onto the trails and we checked out the Pioneer first trail which had a great overlook.


We got to see tons of little salamanders swimming under the water while the sun was warming our backs.  It was so quiet and peaceful on the overlook.  We also enjoyed the tall pines that enclosed the trail near the beginning.


Next we went on the other side of the woods and checked out the Haudenosaunee Trail which had a maple house as a stop off the trail.  The trails were very easy to hike and no longer than 2 miles each.  Being outside was relaxing and peaceful with the beautiful weather we had.

After our hike, we went back to Canandaigua for my friends’ birthday party.  Two of my friends were having their birthday’s this weekend, so we met for a pool party where my friend Jamie was making delicious blended strawberry margaritas.  We relaxed around the pool catching up and enjoyed some beer made with organic barley.


After a few too many Wegmans Oreos and salt and cracked pepper kettle cooked chips, we decided to go to the Wine Walk that was taking place in Down Town Canandaigua.  We walked a half mile to Main Street where we meandered in and out of shops to wait for our wine samples.  Around 15 shops had a mixture of wine tasting and food samples.  For $5 we were able to get a wine tasting glass and various samples from local wineries and food vendors.

The lovely weather this weekend facilitated enjoyable outdoor activities with good friends and good food. Here’s to more exciting adventures to come!



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