The Rochester Lilac Festival



Last night I made my second trek to the ever-popular Rochester Lilac Festival in Highland Park.  This time, five of us went for the “Perfect Pair Event” that featured local vendors serving samples of wine, cheese, and chocolate.  The event cost $15 and for the cost, we got 15 sampling tickets, free food samples, and a small wine glass with the Lilac Festival logo on it.  They also sold tickets for designated drivers or non-wine fans which cost $5.

Upon walking into the huge tent, we saw a flurry of activity with wine drinkers crowded around the 30 different vendors’ tables.  The majority of tables were giving wine samples, while some tables had delicious cheese, and one table even had fudge samples.  All of the food samples were free with entry.  Each wine vendor had 5 or 6 different choices for wine to try.  I was able to go to pretty much every table to try one type of their wine and still had some sampling tickets leftover to revisit some vendors.  Some of the highlights were sangria slushies, a wine named Yummy, and blueberry cheese!  Each wine table had Vigneri Chocolate displays on them, but the chocolate was definitely not the center of attention.

After our enjoyable jaunt through the tent, we explored a little bit of the festival.  We took this picture in front of the lilacs that are finally starting to come out!

Jordan and I in front of the lilacs at this year’s Lilac Festival

It was around 8 when we made our way to the food tent and got garbage plates (a Rochester classic with cheeseburgers, home fries, mac salad, and spicy meat sauce) for dinner.  The food was delicious, but as the festival was nearing a close, the service wasn’t that great (no ketchup, etc.)

It was overall a lovely evening.  The Perfect Pair event was well worth the $15 dollars to get in.  15 wine samples ends up being more than you might think!

Until the next adventure…!



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