Beautiful Moments

Me taking pride in a moment that I created after I got out of work.
Me taking pride in a moment that I created after I got out of work.

The other day, I was browsing through my Facebook news feed when I came across some self-promotion from one of my friends on a new YouTube video she made with her singing a cover song.  I used to sit next to her in chorus, so I felt compelled to watch the video.  She sang beautifully and looked beautiful and the whole thing was beautiful.  She was so confident and proud of the video that the encouraging comment I left her remained on the page without a response.  

So this got me thinking.  My initial response was that I wanted to make a youtube video.  I haven’t sung seriously in four years, and haven’t played the piano in just as long, so I ruled that out.  Maybe a vlog?  I hated being on camera, and am more of an audio person.  Make a podcast?  That was more like it, but I was still hesitant.  I didn’t have the proper tools to make a high quality podcast at my house, and I wasn’t even that interested in making one.  

After thinking about why this video sparked such ambition in me, I realized it was because this girl was able to create something so beautiful and package it up in a nice, neat entity.  It’s great for people to be able to create.  Period.  It doesn’t really  matter that much what it is that you’re creating as long as you feel like you are able to make your mark, and show your creation to at least a few people.  And the internet makes it even easier to be able to show a multitude of people in a short time.  

But, as the title states, what if you’re not an artist?  What if you don’t have the right equipment to record yourself singing, or to make a podcast, or you try to draw a tree and it comes out looking like a dog?  This doesn’t mean you’re not a creative person.  I am a terrible artist, and the fact that I didn’t have the equipment to make a podcast or a video wasn’t something that I wanted to let stop me from being creative.  What about creating moments for yourself?  We all have to live in this world, which can be really truly beautiful.  Why not work to create the most perfect situations when you can?  

So play some music in the car, read your book in the sunshine, paint your nails, bake cookies and bring them to work for no reason, lay in bed with five blankets.  Take pictures of how much beauty you’re creating in your own life and the lives around you so that you can have a little collection of all your beautiful moments.  You will have created something real and tangible.  

Post your beautiful moment pictures in the comments below!


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