Positivity At Work




From working in promotions I have learned a lot about staying positive at work. While some days it might seem like the hardest thing ever, the effort to stay positive creates an air of positivity around you that will perpetuate itself with your coworkers. I’m starting a new job at the same company on Monday and I am thinking about how to best approach the situation. Everything is cyclical. The more you talk to people, the more they talk to you; the more you try to know what you’re doing, the more you end up doing right; the nicer you are to people, the nicer they’ll be to you; and the more you follow through with what you promised to do, the more you will be respected in the work place.

I got a chance to work at the PGA this week and many of the promotions people were asked to do things we have never done before. It was obvious which people were cut out for a real professional career in any field just based on how they approached the tasks that were given to us.

My weekend challenge: If you’re a recent grad who is just getting used to the work place, next time you are asked to do something that might be hard or unpleasant try to do it with as much passion and care as you can. See where it gets you!



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