DIY High Waisted Shorts!

Me sporting my new self-made high waisted shorts!

Making your own high waisted shorts is super easy, and a lot more fun than you might have imagined!   Not to mention, this pair only cost a total of $8.99.  Read on to see how you can do it yourself!


You’ve probably noticed the new trend of high waisted shorts lately.  They’ve been super popular at music festivals, concerts, and pretty much everywhere the summer takes us girls!  And no, they’re not just for teenagers.  Sure, some teens might feel more comfortable sporting the shorts than 20-somethings or older, but the trend is appropriate for all of us.  If you find the right pair, they will suck in your stomach and make your waist look super skinny.  Let’s make our own!

Step 1: Go Thrift Shopping


I found this pair at Volunteers of America, but I also like to check out different consignment shops, Good Will, and Salvation Armies.  Every area will be different so go in with an open mind.  When looking for jeans, look in the women’s section.  Jeans are usually organized by size, but older/vintage/thrifted clothes are often sized differently than what we are used to today.  Check out the sections of pants that are 1 bigger than your size, your size, and one smaller size and grab a few options and try them all on!!  It’s easy to tell if the pants will be high waisted by holding them up to yourself and lining the inseam up on your body, so you won’t have to waste any time in the dressing room.  Try them all on and make sure you found a pair that fits, that is your style, and that you love!  (Otherwise, its fine to pass for the day; thrift stores are getting new items all the time.)

Step 2. Once you’ve brought home your beloved jeans, it’s time to cut them all up.  start by cutting off the majority of the legs just to give yourself something that is easier to work with.

Step 3. They will now look like Bermuda shorts. Try them on with a pen in hand.  While looking in a mirror, draw on the material where you would like to see the shorts fall on you.  A line that is high on your outer-thigh and low in the middle is flattering on most body shapes, and that is the angle I did on my pair.  Draw the lines only on the front of your legs.

Step 4. Take the shorts off and cut just the front piece of fabric so that the back is hanging down.  Using a deep angle, cut the back longer than the front.  You don’t want your booty hanging out!

Step 5. Fold the shorts in half to cut the other back side at an equal length.

Step 6.  Try on the shorts again and see how they fit.  Make any other needed altercations.

And now you have your very own high waisted shorts!  Let me know how they came out in the comments below!


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