How to Brighten a Boyfriend’s Day

All Natural Peanut Butter Banana Cookies
All Natural Peanut Butter Banana Cookies (Recipe at End of Post!)
Made these delicious cookies into something lovely and meaningful
Made these delicious cookies into something lovely and meaningful

The Story.  Today my boyfriend is coming home from his trip to Montreal, Canada to the Osheaga Music Festival.  Since he has been away, we have just been sending a few Facebook messages back and forth each day.  He could only write to me once he got back to the hotel at night, and I would normally only read them when I woke up in the morning.  We have been used to talking (or being together) almost every waking hour for the past year and a half, so it was kind of interesting being totally separated for five days.

Couple’s Time Apart.  In many ways, being apart from someone you are so used to being with all the time can be a very positive thing.  From being apart for just a five day period, I have had a chance to call some old friends and enjoy some quality alone time in my parent’s house and going out with old high school friends.  I look at some couples who are always together and a part of me hopes that they are not missing out on other valuable parts of life.  It is very rewarding to be with a person who you love romantically and who you can be completely yourself around.  I feel that often, though, people get so comfortable with this one person that they lose sight of what it is like to create meaningful relationships with other people.  Women, especially, are often so blind-sighted by their unsurpassed love for their significant other, that having close friends of the same sex goes by the wayside, either because these friends are fed up with the woman’s distracted nature, or because no effort is made.  If this is the case, this person is missing out on a huge rewarding part of life.  There is something so essential about creating beautiful days with girl friends, enjoying a thrift store shopping spree, and snapping photographs of each other in silly model poses as the sun fades behind a tree.  There are some things that are so much better done with girl friends without our lovers looking over our shoulders and telling us its time to go home.  I hope that many of us women do not forget about those beautiful things.

A Welcome Home.  Regardless, the sweet moment when you see someone again who you have missed is something that happens constantly in our modern travelers world.  Army families, business workers, and far away friends all know the feeling of running into a long lost friendly face’s arms can’t be beat by much else.  Five days apart is not a lot compared to some of the things people go through these days, but I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend to show him that I missed him.  I baked him All Natural Peanut Butter Banana Cookies and they came out so deliciously!  There is something about making food for another person that is a sure way to warm their heart.  Words are easy to spread, but when you need something more than, ‘I love you’ or ‘I missed you,’ food is a surefire way into a man’s heart.


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