Positivity At Work




From working in promotions I have learned a lot about staying positive at work. While some days it might seem like the hardest thing ever, the effort to stay positive creates an air of positivity around you that will perpetuate itself with your coworkers. I’m starting a new job at the same company on Monday and I am thinking about how to best approach the situation. Everything is cyclical. The more you talk to people, the more they talk to you; the more you try to know what you’re doing, the more you end up doing right; the nicer you are to people, the nicer they’ll be to you; and the more you follow through with what you promised to do, the more you will be respected in the work place.

I got a chance to work at the PGA this week and many of the promotions people were asked to do things we have never done before. It was obvious which people were cut out for a real professional career in any field just based on how they approached the tasks that were given to us.

My weekend challenge: If you’re a recent grad who is just getting used to the work place, next time you are asked to do something that might be hard or unpleasant try to do it with as much passion and care as you can. See where it gets you!



Is Your Bucket List Distracting You?

life“But most importantly try to surround yourself with people that you like and make cool stuff with them.  In the end, what you do isn’t going to be nearly as interesting or important as who you do it with.” -John Green

I often get a feeling of being overwhelmed when I think of all the new things I want to try and efforts that I want to pursue.  I think that I need to make a goal and a time frame for all of these things and try to accomplish them as soon as possible.  So many inspirational quotes, speakers, or programs that we have these days are all about maximizing productivity and living life to the fullest in the biggest way possible.  Well, sure, those things sound really attractive in theory, but what if you are like me and you get blindsided by your “to-do” list and loose sight of what really matters.

For example. I had skydiving on my bucket list, and when I was in Australia, I actually did it!  I went with a huge group of friends that I met while studying abroad and we made a day out of it, and it is literally something I will never forget.  I wouldn’t have wanted to skydive by myself, (A. I would have been way to scared!) because if you have no one to share it with, it is so less real and meaningful.  That’s how a lot of things in life are.  Don’t get me wrong, I love crossing things off my daily to do list just as much as the next guy, but what about that feeling when you get to share an experience with someone else.  Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them.  You can not control others but what about finding someone with similar goals and creating something with them.  Maybe its planning a skydiving trip, maybe its a blog or a book, maybe its making dinner together.  Revel in each of these creations because they were done with another person and they are beautiful and real.  Create a friend-date day.  Enjoy eachother’s company and live in a moment of something you both will be able to remember for some time.

Wednesday Challenge!  Call up an old friend or relative who you  haven’t seen in a while (even better, make a list of 5 old friends).  If they are in the area, schedule a time to hang out, and stick to it!  If they live elsewhere, spend an hour on the phone with them catching up and enjoying each other’s company.  Let me know how it went in the comments below!

DIY High Waisted Shorts!

Me sporting my new self-made high waisted shorts!

Making your own high waisted shorts is super easy, and a lot more fun than you might have imagined!   Not to mention, this pair only cost a total of $8.99.  Read on to see how you can do it yourself!


You’ve probably noticed the new trend of high waisted shorts lately.  They’ve been super popular at music festivals, concerts, and pretty much everywhere the summer takes us girls!  And no, they’re not just for teenagers.  Sure, some teens might feel more comfortable sporting the shorts than 20-somethings or older, but the trend is appropriate for all of us.  If you find the right pair, they will suck in your stomach and make your waist look super skinny.  Let’s make our own!

Step 1: Go Thrift Shopping


I found this pair at Volunteers of America, but I also like to check out different consignment shops, Good Will, and Salvation Armies.  Every area will be different so go in with an open mind.  When looking for jeans, look in the women’s section.  Jeans are usually organized by size, but older/vintage/thrifted clothes are often sized differently than what we are used to today.  Check out the sections of pants that are 1 bigger than your size, your size, and one smaller size and grab a few options and try them all on!!  It’s easy to tell if the pants will be high waisted by holding them up to yourself and lining the inseam up on your body, so you won’t have to waste any time in the dressing room.  Try them all on and make sure you found a pair that fits, that is your style, and that you love!  (Otherwise, its fine to pass for the day; thrift stores are getting new items all the time.)

Step 2. Once you’ve brought home your beloved jeans, it’s time to cut them all up.  start by cutting off the majority of the legs just to give yourself something that is easier to work with.

Step 3. They will now look like Bermuda shorts. Try them on with a pen in hand.  While looking in a mirror, draw on the material where you would like to see the shorts fall on you.  A line that is high on your outer-thigh and low in the middle is flattering on most body shapes, and that is the angle I did on my pair.  Draw the lines only on the front of your legs.

Step 4. Take the shorts off and cut just the front piece of fabric so that the back is hanging down.  Using a deep angle, cut the back longer than the front.  You don’t want your booty hanging out!

Step 5. Fold the shorts in half to cut the other back side at an equal length.

Step 6.  Try on the shorts again and see how they fit.  Make any other needed altercations.

And now you have your very own high waisted shorts!  Let me know how they came out in the comments below!

Moving In with your Significant Other


The Story. Last night my boyfriend, Jordan, got home from his trip to Montreal, so we finally got a chance to talk for an extended period of time.  He got to tell me all about his trip, and, after chatting for a while, he told me his new couch that he ordered was coming the next day.  A couple weeks ago, I asked if I could have is old couch for an apartment that I wanted to get, and he told me that he would ask his parents if they could save it for me in the basement.  So when the subject came up, he asked if I still wanted the old couch.  

This brought up something I had been meaning to talk to him about.  Since he left just five days prior, I had three separate people tell me what they thought I should do about my living situation.  Of course, I love getting advice, especially from old and trusted friends, so I enjoyed the conversations with these ladies who all seemed concerned about when I would be moving.  I generally responded that I wanted to move once I got my full time job, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to since I didn’t have anyone to live with.  Although all of their responses were slightly varied, they all ended the conversation by telling me that landlords let extra people live in the places they are renting out all the time and that Jordan should at least ask his land lord if he would allow a third person to move into the apartment. 

By the third time I heard this, I was starting to get really worked up.  Had my boyfriend just been avoiding the subject with me this whole time?  Did he really just want to stay away from the idea of living together for as long as possible.  I remember being so angry with him that I came home and started talking to my mom about it almost in tears saying, ‘I think this is something we might break up over!’  Since Jordan was in another country and his cell phone didn’t work, I couldn’t talk to him directly about it, so I had a conversation with my mom that calmed me down and made me look at the situation in the bigger picture.  

A Friend’s Take on Your Relationship. Sometimes your friends think they know exactly what you need.  But when you think about it, how could they?  The way we choose to live our lives, handle our relationships, and interact with others is so specific to our very person, that most of the time no one else can come close to seeing inside these things.  When a friend gives you advice it is so easy to say, I really trust this person; this advice seems sound; I will believe their ideas.  Is that always the best?

As other recent college graduates may know, living back at home with your parents at times can be soul crushing.  It can be so easy to jump into a living situation with the wrong people  just in the hopes of getting out and being where the other 20somethings are.  But it is important to make sure that relationship is worthy of such a big commitment.  I am not religious, but I think these days when so many relationships — even marriages — fail, it is important to make sure you have nurtured your own relationship and your own self to the fullest before choosing to start a life together in the same space with your significant other.  Yes, it works for some people and that is so great.  If it works for you, I’m so happy for you.  But, to anyone who thinks they have good advice for a friend’s relationship, you probably don’t.  If you have not been there for every day, every fight, every sweet moment, you can’t look as far to the inside of the relationship as you think you can.  

In the end.  So don’t judge your friends or yourself when you feel that their/your relationship isn’t taking you to the new and exciting heights that it seems all your friends are doing.  Get to know yourself as well as you think you know your partner.  Realize that you missed so many big and small details about your partner that you would have needed to know before moving in.  Find a few things you love doing by yourself.  Travel alone and with your significant other.  Be a free agent.  Experience the world.  Then have the moving in conversation.

How to Brighten a Boyfriend’s Day

All Natural Peanut Butter Banana Cookies
All Natural Peanut Butter Banana Cookies (Recipe at End of Post!)
Made these delicious cookies into something lovely and meaningful
Made these delicious cookies into something lovely and meaningful

The Story.  Today my boyfriend is coming home from his trip to Montreal, Canada to the Osheaga Music Festival.  Since he has been away, we have just been sending a few Facebook messages back and forth each day.  He could only write to me once he got back to the hotel at night, and I would normally only read them when I woke up in the morning.  We have been used to talking (or being together) almost every waking hour for the past year and a half, so it was kind of interesting being totally separated for five days.

Couple’s Time Apart.  In many ways, being apart from someone you are so used to being with all the time can be a very positive thing.  From being apart for just a five day period, I have had a chance to call some old friends and enjoy some quality alone time in my parent’s house and going out with old high school friends.  I look at some couples who are always together and a part of me hopes that they are not missing out on other valuable parts of life.  It is very rewarding to be with a person who you love romantically and who you can be completely yourself around.  I feel that often, though, people get so comfortable with this one person that they lose sight of what it is like to create meaningful relationships with other people.  Women, especially, are often so blind-sighted by their unsurpassed love for their significant other, that having close friends of the same sex goes by the wayside, either because these friends are fed up with the woman’s distracted nature, or because no effort is made.  If this is the case, this person is missing out on a huge rewarding part of life.  There is something so essential about creating beautiful days with girl friends, enjoying a thrift store shopping spree, and snapping photographs of each other in silly model poses as the sun fades behind a tree.  There are some things that are so much better done with girl friends without our lovers looking over our shoulders and telling us its time to go home.  I hope that many of us women do not forget about those beautiful things.

A Welcome Home.  Regardless, the sweet moment when you see someone again who you have missed is something that happens constantly in our modern travelers world.  Army families, business workers, and far away friends all know the feeling of running into a long lost friendly face’s arms can’t be beat by much else.  Five days apart is not a lot compared to some of the things people go through these days, but I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend to show him that I missed him.  I baked him All Natural Peanut Butter Banana Cookies and they came out so deliciously!  There is something about making food for another person that is a sure way to warm their heart.  Words are easy to spread, but when you need something more than, ‘I love you’ or ‘I missed you,’ food is a surefire way into a man’s heart.